How We Can Assist Your Colony

Forgotten Cats is a full service, large scale TNR organization. For many colony caregivers, the thought of TNR seems overwhelming. We work with caretakers to provide all levels of assistance to ensure the cats are TNR'd safely and expediently. This assistance includes:

TRAPPING: Forgotten Cats will provide equipment, training, transportation, and moral support to you as needed. We can work with the colony caretaker to assist with monitoring the trap on an ongoing basis. As the cats are caught, they can be transported to our clinic to be cared for until all of the cats are caught. Because of this dedicated and consistant trapping effort FC is able to help colony caregivers spay or neuter entire colonies within a short period of time thus preventing thousands of kittens from being born.

STERILIZATION: Because it is impossible to predict how many cats will be trapped at any given time, it is difficult to schedule sterilization appointments. When an appointment is missed, it is difficult to reschedule in a timely manner thus delaying the completion of the colony TNR. Because Forgotten Cats owns and successfully operates 2 low cost sterilization clinics, we are able to trap entire colonies without interruptions regardless of the colony size and duration of the trapping effort.

RECUPERATION: If the colony caregiver does not have the space or experience to care for feral cats, Forgotten Cats can care for the cats in our facility after surgery until they are ready to be released.

RELEASE: Once the sterilization and recuperation is complete, FC transports the cats back to the trapping location to be released and cared for by their caregiver.

FOOD AND SHELTER: Forgotten Cats provides training to you as to the proper management of free roaming cats. We can help you obtain feral cat houses.

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