Lizzy and Roux

This Happy Endings is a two parter with Roux and Liszt who were adopted from Forgotten Cats. Their owners wrote us to say how they are doing.

Roux (1st picture) has been with us for about a year now and she's doing great. She loves to play with any toy that has a feather on it and enjoys

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lounging around on our window sills. She's also quite the hunter when it comes to any bug she might find in the apartment - watching her catch a fly out of the air is quite impressive. She's a sweetheart who loves to snuggle, especially on a nice warm blanket.


Lizzy (2nd picture), who we adopted in August 2014 and is acclimating well to her new home. Her and Roux are still getting used to each other, but are definitely curious. They are fine in the same room and are willing to play with the same toy, but they are still unsure about playing with each other. Lizzy loves to chase around her toys, especially when she can hop on and off our bed. She also enjoys watching Mike's computer screen while he's working.

Both cats are doing well and we love having them.


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