This is Baby Girl/Kelly (waiting to be adopted for so long she was named twice), renamed Olive. I volunteer at the West Chester adoption center and I couldn't understand why she was so looked over for 5 months! After my boyfriend & I's beloved dog suddenly passed away our cat, Edward, seemed lonely and we eventually realized that we had room for an addition. Knowing this perfect cat was constantly being looked over I obviously chose her! She is the neat & tidy, prim & proper diva girl type cat; yet she is full of playful kitten energy. Although she is a little hyper sometimes for her 7 year old brother, she and Edward hit it off right from the start. They play hunt & chase each other constantly. She also goes crazy for the laser pointer, but as you can see from the picture knows how to chill out and relax! And on top of everything she has quite a vocal range that consists mostly of loud ecstatic trills when she is jumping up high, when you talk to her, and when she is excited about life in general. She is just the cutest and we are happy she is part of our family.


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