Cleo and Chester

We adopted Chester and Cleo (formerly Nike and Adidas) from the Pet Smart in Christiana in late June. We lost our beloved Koozie in April and had an empty space in our hearts that needed to be filled. And while no cat or kitten could erase the memory of our dear friend, Chester and Cleo have sure brought us plenty of new memories. In a house as busy as ours, with four kids, the two kitties have brought tons of excitement and smiles. They are never far away from each other or us. We are proud to have them as a part of our family and look forward to years of happy times together. Forgotten Cats is such a wonderful organization that links families to the "right" pet. We originally planned to adopt another kitten, Sadie, from the same Pet Smart location. When we filled out the application and talked with Diane she suggested that we spend some more time with her since she was rather shy and quiet, and maybe wouldn't fit well into our busy household. Diane was right. Sadie was shy and spent a lot of time hiding from the kids when we visited her for the second time. While there, Chester and Cleo (a brother and sister duo), came out to play. And boy did they play! They weren't bothered at all by the shrieks of laughter and squeals of delight. In fact, they loved it! We just couldn't bear to separate them and ended up adopting them both . We are so thankful to Forgotten Cats for helping us find the pets that were perfect for us. What a tremendous organization! -The Apps Family


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