Honeypuff (HP)

Honeypuff (HP for short) was adopted by his foster mom after he suffered a ruptured eardrum and was very sick. He has gotten much better and his family has fallen in love with him. HP's new mom shared an update with us.

"He visited the vet yesterday for a wellness checkup. The ear doesn’t require antibiotics or medication at this time. Since the eardrum is ruptured, I’ll keep an eye on his behavior and take him to the vet for an exam in a fairly quick manner if he shows signs of returned infection. 

Here are a few pictures: Lounging on his cat tree; waiting at the front door for his boy after school (same place he watches my son walk to the bus stop in the morning); watching birds and bunnies from the screen porch.

Thank you for rescuing him and getting him healthy 😻. Our family loves him so much."

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