Six tiny kittens were living in an alley in Norristown. Struggling to survive, we trapped them and their mama just in time. Upon arrival at our shelter, the kittens and mama were sent to a loving foster home where they could grow big and strong. As they began to grow, we realized that the kitten with the white mustache, appropriately named Stash, never grew out of the wobbly kitten stage. He was diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) which his a neurological condition that results in walking and balance problems. It is more commonly referred to as wobbly cat syndrome. But not to worry, Stash didn’t realize he was any different from his brothers and sisters. He ran, played, purred and eventually jumped his way right into his forever family’s hearts.

Julia was looking specifically for a kitten with CH. Through the recommendation of Delaware Humane Association, Julia contacted us and we had just the kitty for her. Julia had already adopted a CH kitten from Delaware Humane Association. Shortly after adopting him, she decided she wanted to get him a pal. They recommended reaching out to Forgotten Cats and so she did. Lucky enough, we had just the kitty for her! She met Stash at the Christiana PetSmart and it was love at first sight. She brought him home right then and there and changed his name to Banksy. His new family reports that, “He has adjusted so well. His best friend is Bobby, and he really likes the dog, Scout. His other brother and sister have come around too and you can find them all hanging out and cuddling every once in a while. He is such a love bug. He is growing fast! He loves to be held and tries to groom his human mom and dad. His favorite toys are stuffed mice and little plushy balls. Although he does find the dog’s toys fun too! He took a few days to come out of his shell but he is now the feisty kitten everyone said he was! He’s a mama's boy who is certainly a very vocal little guy, and he lets us know when it’s dinner time! Oh, and he likes to wade in the community water bowl. We are one big, misfit, happy family!”

Rescue is always a team effort. Thank you to the kind caregiver who called us for help when she was feeding stray cats in the alley. Thank you to Stash’s foster for giving him unconditional love and a comfortable place to grow into a strong & confident kitten. And thank you to Julia for taking a chance on a special kitty.

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