Milo and Mew

Here’s a two part happy ending from Milo's point of view. Milo is formerly Conway adopted from Brookhaven 3/2018 and Mew (the tortie) is formerly Madison adopted from Brookhaven 12/2018. Their adopter is a dedicated volunteer who’s been with us over a year at Brookhaven PetSmart adoption center.

"Hi! My name is Milo.

Not too long ago I was living at the Brookhaven Petsmart. I was very lucky because Forgotten Cats brought me there. I was safe and warm, but I wanted to find a forever home. I met this volunteer named Gwynne and it was love at first sight. I knew I wanted her to be my Mom.


Gwynne fell in love with me and took me to her house.

I was sooooo happy!

I try to do extra cute things for my Mom because we love each other so much 💕


Things were going really great until my vet said I was getting too fat 😾

I am a big big boy. My Mom says I am VERY handsome, but she doesn’t want me to get sick, so now I am on a diet.

In the mean time, my Mom was falling in love with a Forgotten Cats kitten. SHE IS SUCH A SUCKER FOR A FUZZY FACE! She thought, if I had a little sister, I might exercise more. So Mom brought my new little sister home. Her name is Mew. I’m not too jealous. I think I’ll let her stay."

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