"This is an update on a group of three kittens we fostered for two months. Anyone who has fostered will tell you that you WILL fall in love with them. The three we were fostering were all males, Oliver Wendell Holmes (Oliver) , Henry Higgens (Henry), and Phineus T. Barnum (Phineus). When time came for them to be put on up for adoption we decided to keep Phineas, the one who looked to me like a Norwegian Forest Cat.

The other two kittens Oliver and Henry were put up for adoption. They were very close; they always slept cuddled together. We did what we could to keep them together, even putting a note on their crate asking if there was any way possible have them adopted together. On Christmas Eve we received a message from a member of the staff saying the kittens had an application for the two together. We were SO elated!! I had prayed to St Francis to protect them as we knew they would be lonely without each other. On Christmas Eve Henry and Oliver were taken to their furever home. Our prayers were answered!! Our 10 year old Maine Coon has taken to being a mom to baby Phineas; so sweet to watch.

Our family of kitties, all adopted from Forgotten Cats are the sweetest; they are ALL keepers!!"

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