Laila, Loki, and Garfield

When this adopter first met Garfield and Loki at our Brandywine adoption center, we knew they were going to a good home. Later, when she decided to adopt Laila too, we were thrilled! Here's an update from the happy family.

"I wanted to thank Forgotten Cats for my wonderful new pets – Garfield, Loki, and Laila - and update everyone on how the cats are doing.

When I first met Garfield, he was sleeping under his bed in his condo at Brandywine PetSmart. After I brought him home, he quickly set up camp under my bed and stayed there for hours. He was very nervous and unsure of his new surroundings. Less than a day later, though, he came out and became fast friends with me! Every day he got braver and explored more of the house, and today he “owns” every room in my home and is comfortable in his own skin. It’s been a joy to see him blossom.

Loki was adopted next and adapted to her new surroundings very well. She loves to sit by the window and observe the world. She is pretty active, but can always be counted on to cuddle with her humans. Loki definitely exhibits “tortitude,” being a bit possessive and headstrong, but she loves both of her siblings and genuinely enjoys having them around.


This summer, I took in a foster kitten that I named Laila. She became ill shortly after I took her in, but with medical care, she bounced back quickly and I fell in love with her sweet, spunky personality. She LOVES playing, especially with her sister Loki. Laila is quite a lap cat too, and was officially adopted by me at the end of September.

Also, I would like to thank the people who fostered Garfield and Loki – I learned so much important information from them about the cats that I had a good idea how to interact with them as soon as they moved in. I have seen firsthand that fostering does make a big difference, and their time and generosity is so much appreciated. Thank you again, and please know that these cats will be in a loving home for the rest of their lives!"

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