Horace found himself homeless shortly after his first birthday. By the time his family bought a new home, the cuteness of his kittenhood had already lost its appeal. For that reason, they decided he would not be coming along. They loaded up the truck and gave him a pat on the head. Horace watched as they drove away. For weeks, he lingered outside the house, hiding in the bushes and under the deck. He anxiously awaited their return, lifting his head with hope with each passing car. Heartbroken, confused and on the brink of starvation, Horace wandered into the neighborhood in 2003 to begin his life as a homeless cat.

Over the next 15 years, Horace used eight of his nine lives. He suffered through fights with hungry feral cats and ferocious foxes, and barely escaped speeding cars. Each winter, he wondered if he would make it through to the next. Frostbite, ear mites and infection had left him with excruciating and constant pain in his ears, which were raw and had been worn down to almost nothing. After multiple years outside, a home and family weren’t even imaginable. He had accepted his life as a homeless cat; all he wanted was a tiny bit of affection. Due to the appearance of his ears, or lack thereof, residents called him “No Ears.” Many people kept their distance from “No Ears” — the dirty, skinny, stray street cat. Fortunately, Horace finally found two kind women who regularly fed him and the other neighborhood cats.

“No Ears” became Horace on July 30, 2018 when Horace and his colony of 19 cats entered our traps. At our facility, you could hear Horace purring from several feet away. Within minutes of Horace’s arrival, a compassionate volunteer opened the trap door and gave the emaciated, seven-pound cat his first hug in over fifteen years.

Horace is spending his ninth life in a forever home. His family reports that he hasn’t stopped purring since he arrived! He is soaking up everything he missed out on when he was abandoned: snuggling in bed, playing with toys and eating lots of treats!

His forever family shared, "Hello from Horace! I told him how much everyone loves him and his story. He was very flattered and sends his love to all of his "fans!" I took the photo on the right just now. I don't think he even looks like the same cat that was found in July. This just goes to show that no cat should be given up on, and that they are all worth saving. It is amazing what a few months of love and care can do for a special needs cat. Thank you to everyone at Forgotten Cats for helping him along on his journey. He is so happy here and I hope to have several more years with him. Feel free to show this before and after picture as an example. Happy Holidays!"


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