Pidge formerly GusGus

Back in late June we featured a sweet diabetic cat named GusGus as our Cat of the Week. A wonderful person who had adopted several cats from us over the years offered to foster her. We got an update and GusGus has officially been adopted by her foster! She is now named Pidge and lives in a house with several other cats, dogs, and bunnies, and of course her loving humans.

"Quick update! Gusgus is doing great. We've been calling her Pie. Little Pie actually since she's such a munchkin floof. She's right by my feet while I study and so is my handsome boy.

She's doing great with the resident dogs and cats 😊 she likes our cats more than they like her so far but I'm sure that's quick to change.

I just wanted to check in with this pic of two former Forgotten Cats cats Molly on the left (formerly India) and Pidgey on the right (formerly GusGus). We were fostering little diabetic Pidge but adopted her last month or so."

Happy life to Pidgey, Molly, and the whole crew! We love our foster families whether they ultimately become foster "fails" and adopt their foster cat, or if they help the kitty get adopted from someone else. Either way it's a big win for the cats and humans! If you'd like to try fostering with us, apply here!

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