Zeke and Hazel

A couple who volunteers at our Brookhaven adoption center recently shared with us how they found their cats Zeke and Hazel.

"After losing our two cats in 2017 to illness, my wife and I had adopted a new cat from one of my friends at work. Stevie was a super-fun kitten, but after eight months or so we decided he needed a buddy to soak up some of his crazy energy. So we started to look, and Zeke (then Gaston) was the very first cat we met. Rebecca loved him, but I didn’t want to jump the gun and adopt the first cat we met. So we looked around a little bit more, meeting some of the cats at the Brandywine center, but ultimately went home empty-handed. A few days later she asked me to look at Zeke again, so we went back and met him a second time. We thought laid-back personality and playful nature would mesh well with Stevie, so I agreed to adopt him. We kept them apart for a few days so they could get used to each other's scent, but the moment we allowed them to be buddies, they bonded immediately and are now inseparable! They chase each other around the house, along with their little sister, Hazel (also a rescue from Forgotten Cats) and are a constant source of entertainment for us.

My wife and I volunteer for Forgotten Cats at the Brookhaven center, and when Hazel’s litter came in I really liked her. Then they left for a little while due to some kitten colds, and came back to the center a few weeks later. One night when we were volunteering, Rebecca came to me with Hazel in her arms and said “I want this kitten”, and that was that. We brought her home a few days later, and she integrated with our other two cats, Stevie and Zeke within just a few short days. She’s the sweetest kitten and already runs the show in our house. She’s so fun and friendly and just loves to be in the middle of the action no matter what’s happening. We can’t imagine life without her, and I don’t think her brothers could either!"

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