Rooney AKA Roo

Rooney was with her Forgotten Cats foster family for a long time; being a shy adult she had a hard time finding the right family. Finally her forever family did come along, and just last week her former foster received an update on her (well, actually from Rooney herself ;)

"I have a new tunnel that I have played in a couple of times. There's also a neat new hidey cave that Mommy caught me coming out of the first time I ventured into it last Saturday. I thought she was watching tv and not paying attention to what I was doing. I have not explored it since yet though, but I may again soon. I love being close enough to touch her, even though sometimes I do not stay there long. The blurry picture is when I was literally laying on Mommy. We trimmed my nails again on Friday and I ran away initially afterward, but I did not go hide and was looking for pets and rubs not long after that. I heard Mommy say she thinks we may have turned a corner over the past two weeks or so. I think so too. She says I still chase shadows and get skittish for weird reasons, some are unexplainable, but I think she is adjusting well. She says that about me too. Meow 😻".

We're so proud of Roo for coming out of her shell, and a big thank you to her forever family and her foster family too!

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