A few weeks ago, Forgotten Cats received a call from a resident in Sussex County that was feeding a colony of cats. When she heard of our TNVR services, she called us right away. We trapped ten cats from her property some of which she said she’s been feeding for years. A few ferals, a litter of kittens, and an old cat named Horace. When Horace arrived to our facility, he was an instant favorite among the volunteers. In his trap, he was kneading, purring, and begging for attention. Horace’s tattered ears and skinny body hinted to a rough life outdoors. His caregiver told us that he had been living outside for a few years. The neighbors believed that he was thrown outside when a family moved away. Our vet estimated Horace to be around 20 years old. We immediately ran blood work and were pleasantly surprised to find that other than hyperthyroidism (and ear mites and an upper respiratory infection), he appeared to be in good health!

Horace is a lucky cat because the very day we trapped Horace, we had a hospice foster offer to take him home! Rachel has had Horace for a little over a week and reports that he is the sweetest boy and seemingly ever so grateful. Horace is sleeping in bed at night and making sure not to miss a meal! Just the other day he was allowed out of her bedroom and the very first thing he did was dive into the toy basket! Horace is getting along well with her two kitties too! Just this morning, Rachel decided to make it official and adopt Horace. Horace’s days will be filled with endless snuggles, toys, and love.

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