Molly Moo

Molly Moo, formerly known as India, was brought into our facility in April of this year. She was trapped as a homeless cat living with a colony of other cats in Sussex County, DE. When she was brought in, we realized that she had been previously spayed but was not microchipped. Based off her friendly demeanor, we assume that she had been someone's pet at one point and unfortunately found herself homeless.

It didn’t take long for the perfect family to find Molly Moo. They had previously adopted Toby from us, a sweet FIV-positive senior boy. Sadly, Toby passed away from cancer shortly after Molly was adopted. Though his family misses him dearly, they are comforted by Molly Moo and 3 other kitties, as well as 2 dogs and 4 bunnies. Their adopter says that she would gladly adopt as many animals as they can love and care for.

Molly’s family shares, “It's hard to imagine our house without her, it's like she's always belonged. She's a chirper, brings us smiles every day. She's hilarious and gets along with everyone wonderfully. Super talkative and sweet. Just a joy!”

We are thankful to this family for their obvious love and dedication to their pets, and wish Molly Moo and her family many happy years together.


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