Luna and Diamond


"I adopted Luna and Diamond a little over a year ago and we’ve had quite a journey since then! Diamond came to me with eye injuries causing her to only see shadows out of one eye. If you thought that could stop her though, you’d be wrong! This girl can open closed doors and even found her way to the top of the refrigerator and the Christmas tree. She’s a complete goofball and the sweetest nuzzler, especially to new people.


A few weeks after I brought them home, Luna started having trouble using her back legs. She was only around 5 months at the time, so the vets couldn’t figure out what was happening. She had several tests done and was suddenly better after a short dose of antibiotics only to be back to square one a few weeks later. We then switched to a longer course of steroids and that seemed to work for a few months until Christmas when she started going downhill quickly. I was told I would probably have to put her down but I refused to give up on her before she turned one. After even more tests and a 5 hour surgery, they found a staph infection in her spinal column and she’s been on an antibiotic since January. The good news is she’s better than ever, though she will always have a special “Luna walk”. I can’t imagine not having her in my life and I’m so happy she didn’t give up either. Thank you to Forgotten Cats for helping me meet the loves of my life!"


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