"Buddy came into my world on Jan 28th, 2017, around three months old. I committed to foster 5 juveniles through Forgotten Cats at that time, Buddy was one of them. Buddy was so playful, energetic, friendly and SO SO cute. He also was true definition of a mischievous juvenile. I had fostered 15 other kittens, all were unique. I loved them all. But, Buddy had the most spirit.

In April, Buddy had an undetected infection since birth, which eventually made him sick and blind. All others from his family were doing great. We held Buddy all the time in our arms and told him, it’s ok Buddy, you are going to be alright.

After a few long months of taking extra care of Buddy’s health, the whole time worrying if he was going to live, Buddy finally became so strong, so smart and so adaptable to his surroundings, even ones that constantly change. It’s hard to tell he is blind.

Now, Buddy does not need any more care then my other two cats. He gets around on his own and finds comfortable places to rest. Buddy comes when we call him, always playing with us or alone, begging for treats, follows me around and cuddles up with me day and night. I love hearing his loud purring, I feel his love and he feels mine. He does something amazing every day and constantly makes me laugh. I thought my family was complete before, but now I know we needed Buddy as much as it seemed Buddy needed us. I entered a Cutest Cat contest in December through my work and MY Buddy WON!!

I know Buddy was a gift from God for our little family and was meant for me to take care of for so many reasons. I adopted Buddy on Nov 11, 2017. Forgotten Cats gave me purpose after surviving cancer when I first became involved in their organization March 2015. I will forever be grateful for them. I am grateful again with the support from Forgotten Cats for Buddy’s health, and the joy I have that Buddy is now MY Buddy."

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