Shifu, formerly Bear

Bear moved around a few times before he found his perfect family - first he was in foster care, then at West Chester Petco, and then to our newest adoption center in Brookhaven. There he met his soon-to-be forever family, and the rest is history!

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for letting our family adopt the sweetest boy in the world! We were lucky enough to meet “Bear” at the Brookhaven PetSmart a couple weeks ago, and we fell in love with him instantly! My son and daughter absolutely adore him! Because of his bushy tail, we decided to name him after a character from the movie “Kung Fu Panda.” So his new name is “Shifu!” He has been doing so well in his new fur-ever home and he got to meet our amazing vet last week, and he had a perfect checkup! Shifu loves playing with his new toys and lounging on his new cat tree. He’s so cuddly and sweet! I just wanted to let you guys know how happy we all are, and just say thank you for doing so much to help these sweet babies! Your shelter is one of the best I have ever known, and you go above and beyond to ensure your cats find the perfect homes. We appreciate you all so much!"

We sure appreciate our adopters, too! Congratulations on your forever home, Shifu!

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