Arnold is an FIV+ kitty who had a painful eye condition called entropion. He had to have surgery to feel better. We featured his story a few months ago and a very special adopter came along!

Many of you might remember another orange and white FIV+ boy, Henry, who was adopted by the mama of Mr. Magoo Who? "The Blind Kitty Who Stole My Heart". She definitely has a thing for orange kitties with special needs - she adopted Arnold too!

They're calling him Arnold Ziffel after the pig in Green Acres, "as he's a little piggy when he eats!!!" Arnold is adjusting well and is learning some kitty manners. He's already very affectionate with his humans, and soon he will begin to mingle with his many kitty housemates (except maybe Mr. Magoo, who does not get along with other kitties. That's okay, Goo!)

Forgotten Cats alum Henry is also doing great! His mama says "he's a complete and utter love, and we have never adopted a sweeter, more easygoing cat. He just celebrated his 4th birthday!"


Congratulations to both boys, and best wishes to the whole family!

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