Whiskers and Onyx (formerly Bon Jovi)


I just wanted to give an update on Whiskers and Onyx (previously Bon Jovi). We adopted Whiskers in August at the Brandywine location and were immediately in love!! Although everything was going great, my husband and I realized Whiskers probably needed a friend to romp around with. We looked around for a little while with no luck, but finally in January we fell in love with Onyx (previously Bon Jovi). He seemed to fit Whiskers personality and would be a great fit for our family. And boy, were we right!! They hit it off right away! They are best friends!

They are constantly playing hide and seek and running around together. We are so happy we decided to adopt them both, they bring so much happiness and laughter to our lives! Thank you to all of the people who help make Forgotten Cats such an amazing organization!

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