Henri, formerly Elias

Elias is an FIV-positive cat who was adopted from the Willow Grove facility around the holidays. His name has been changed to Henri.

“He's an absolute love bug and is very affectionate with my son and me. He is very comfortable with Bella, my dog, and they are now good friends. They both fell asleep in the living room a foot apart from each other! They have also touched noses so I know that Henri totally trusts her.

Henri and Harley (my smaller cat) get along very well too! Harley was frightened of Henry at first probably due to his size, but now he has figured out Henry will not be attacking him. They have also touched noses. There is still a lot of growling and hissing when Boots (my senior cat) sees Henri, (Boots is the one making all the noise). However I think over time that will change as well. No physical fighting, just a lot of noise.

Henri has a very healthy appetite! He eats all his food! He loves being in the sun room which looks out on a large backyard and ten acre farmette next door - lots of birds, squirrels and geese for him to watch on Cat TV, LOL!

Thank you for suggesting this wonderful cat!!! There is absolutely nothing wrong with, and no danger to have an FIV positive cat. I know my initial reaction was an immediate no, but it really isn't a big deal - thank you for explaining everything with regard to potential future health issues. I am so glad you took the time to make me feel comfortable and to realize there is little danger to my other two cats, and it feels good helping a special needs cat at the same time.

Henri is a very special cat, very special to me because he's a lap cat. My other two cats are not lap cats so this makes me super happy. We feel so fortunate to have him! I would say to folks to please, please consider adopting one of the FIV+ cats, they are healthy, happy and simply the best, you won't regret it!”

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