Declan and Frasier

 "I just wanted to send an update of the two kittens I adopted from one of your adoption events in November. My cat of 16 years passed away last fall and I searched for weeks all over Delaware for a new friend. On what was going to be my last day of searching, I went to your adoption event at PetSmart and adopted not one, but two of your boys, Diggle (now known as Declan) and Kevyn (now known as Frasier)!


“Declan” is an Irish name meaning ‘full of goodness’, which is so appropriate for him. He is a class clown, upbeat, and happy guy who wants everyone to be his friend.

Frasier was named after a TV character who is very brave, kind, and loyal, which is Frasier to a T. The boys aren’t brothers but they bonded very quickly and are now best buds. I spent all day for 6 weeks with them while at home this winter studying for a CPA exam, so I am bonded with them now too. (Frasier is actually curled up on my chest as I am writing this!)

These kittens have been a true blessing to me, they have taught me to open up my heart again and have helped me to laugh again after the passing of my old cat. I will be forever grateful for Declan and Frasier’s companionship! Thank you, Forgotten Cats!"

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