A Forgotten Cats volunteer shared this story of how Saki came to find his forever home.

"Saki was first fostered by me when I pulled him out of a trap at the Trainer clinic. He immediately crawled up me and put his paws and head on my shoulder. Covered in fleas and begging for my attention, we fixed him, gave him a bath, and I took him home. He has been at my parents' house ever since. My parents decided to adopt him and keep him in his new forever home. He has 2 stepsisters (Babe & Basket) who he knows as the bosses but still taunts and plays with like the boy he is. My parents love him despite his crazy 2 year old energy, and will definitely love him forever!"

We are so thankful for our volunteers, fosters, and adopters, especially the people who are all three! Congratulations, Saki!

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