Midnight and Colton (now Sambo)

 Midnight and Colton met at our adoption center in Brandywine and immediately became best friends. They became so closely bonded that Midnight would become very depressed if Colton wasn't around. At one point Colton became sick and had to go to our clinic in Trainer for a week. We had to bring Midnight along so she wouldn't miss him too much. Once he was well again they both went back to Brandywine, where it took a while for them to get noticed. Finally, the right human came along and applied to adopt Colton. We asked her to adopt Midnight too, and she said yes!


Their adopter shares, "I went into PetSmart and just happened to walk by Forgotten Cats. I stood there looking at Colton and the lady there said that he was there for a while and would I like to adopt him. He reminded me so much of the black cat I had back in the 80’s named Sambo who was only affectionate to me. I fell in love. When I got the phone call that I was approved for Colton I was asked to adopt Midnight. Of course I said yes. I am so glad I did because Midnight is so sweet. She is coming out of her shell. I renamed Colton Sambo. The two are best buddies. You will see on one of the pictures that I bought them what I call a cat condo. That is their favorite place to sleep. Midnight has taken the top bunk and Sambo takes the bottom. They stay in our rec room which has a half wall which leads to the kitchen, and Midnight likes to jump up and visit me. This room is their room, and the litter box, toys, and bedding are there for them. Midnight is so affectionate and her purring is so loud. Sambo does not like to be picked up, so I do not. He is affectionate when I first come down in the morning when he knows I will be feeding them and rubs against my legs."

We're so glad this duo found their forever home together. Congrats, Midnight and Sambo!

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