Nila was adopted from Pottstown Petco in December 2016.

"Nila immediately settled in when I brought her home a few days before Christmas of 2016.

She likes lounging on our enclosed porch and enjoys to watch the wildlife from the safety of our home. She's not afraid of visitors and is a very sweet, laid back girl.

She loves water! Our routine trip to the bathroom is to turn the water on in the bathtub so she can catch the drips.

Although she doesn't cover her business in the litter box, it doesn't change our love for her, and she has taught me to be more patient. Not everyone is perfect.

We decided that she needed a friend and some exercise while my husband and I are at work, so in July we adopted a kitten named Murdock (Nila likes to watch The A-team). They warmed up fairly quickly, but Nila still likes to have her "quiet time". If she could talk, I could hear her saying "Mom! He's annoying me!" just like siblings do."

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