"I adopted Nimbus in December of 2010 from Forgotten Cats. He was just a tiny little gray fuzzball, but he was very calm and sweet. I told the volunteer I was looking for a very affectionate "in your face" kind of kitty. I had lost my 19 year old cat Turbo over a year before, and was still missing his very aggressive affection in my life. I was assured that Nimbus was a very affectionate boy once he got to know you. That turned out to be more than the case. Nimbus is my best buddy! He sleeps with me, likes to hang out on the arm of the sofa while I'm watching tv, follows me into the kitchen and generally wants to be close by so he can tap me on the shoulder for attention unless he's taking one of his many dedicated naps during the day.


In December 2016, he developed crystals in his urine and got a severe blockage that almost killed him. It was terrifying. Thankfully a procedure at the vet and a change in his diet have cured him and he's back to his bright eyed self, playing fetch, chasing his brother Montague around and looking for cuddles whenever he wants them. He's nurtured and played mentor to several kittens I've had or fostered, and he was so sweet with them. He enjoys teaching them all that they needed to know to be a cat. Nimbus is the perfect companion. I couldn't have asked for a better kitty. He's the best investment I ever made!"



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