Cleo and Nero, formerly Fannie and Farmer

 "We adopted Cleo and Nero (Fannie and Farmer) after our 17 year old CKD kitty Buddy died. For the first time in my life, I had no cat. I had never lived a day without having one up until then. I could only make it 7 days.

Although no one could replace our Buddy, nor should they, we wanted to bring in a bonded pair to fill our hearts and home and make new memories, preferring to adopt from a rescue and give them a furever home.

The most important thing to us in bringing in new four-legged family members is that they chose us, and boy, did they! Cleo (Fannie) seemed to imprint on my husband right away while Nero (Farmer) split his time loving on everyone. They made themselves quite comfortable pretty much right away.

They've already settled into their routines of playing early in the morning and after their people's dinner time, while sleeping the day away in the sunlight on their new cat tree.

They've brought much happiness with their playful and lovey selves and we're looking forward to many happy, healthy years with them!"

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