Poor Sammy spent over a year waiting for a real home. She just kept getting overlooked. Finally in August of 2017, Sammy had the opportunity to spend a few weeks at a foster home and her true personality was finally able to shine! She showed herself to be curious, funny, and affectionate.

At the same time, a 12 year old boy named Dylan spent his summer getting to know the cats at the Brandywine PetSmart, helping out his grandmother who is a Forgotten Cats volunteer. He also spent the summer trying to convince his mom to let him adopt one of his furry new friends. Sammy’s former foster mom sang her praises ("such a well-behaved girl!") and it seemed like she could be a good fit for Dylan’s family.

As luck would have it, by the end of the summer Sammy needed a new foster home. Although Dylan’s mom was nervous at first, (never having considered herself a “cat person”) she agreed to foster Sammy and see how things went. Within a week, sweet Sammy had won over the family and they decided to adopt!

As the only pet in the house, Sammy has all the cat trees, beds, toys, attention, and love she could ever ask for. She loves hanging out in the window sills, investigating, and licking her humans' faces to show her love. Dylan and Sammy (and Dylan's mom too) are happy to have found each other and give this wonderful girl the life she deserves.

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