Hugo, formerly known as Sponge

In February I was finally able to adopt Sponge, a cat I saw on your site. I absolutely had to meet him; I was coming home from a work trip and as soon as I touched down, I came to the PetSmart where he was living. It was love at first sight and I arranged to pick him up shortly after. However, he was recovering from having his eye removed and I was recovering from a time of great change and pain. Both of us were learning to trust and love again.

Deciding on a name was tough but my vet suggested “Hugo.” It stuck when I thought about how he followed me from room to room, “Wherever you go (Hugo), I go!” I wanted to share with you all his amazing progress not only in his health and recovery, but in his blossoming cat personality and cuddly loving nature. It took him months to play again, but now he “tags” me, pounces tennis balls, leaps, runs, and meows at the door until I take him for a walk on his harness!

Hugo loves napping in his chair, but prefers to sleep beside me nearly every night. Because I often work from home, his vocal contributions during my conference calls have made him incredibly popular with my coworkers. They ask for his opinion and “meow” back at him. He has earned the title of “CNO, Chief Napping Officer.”

I can’t imagine life without Hugo. He is my best friend. Thank you for saving him and bringing him to my life.

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