Hunk and Firecracker

Hunk and Firecracker were both considered a little less adoptable, due to being on the shy side and not too cuddly. Fortunately, the perfect adopter came along for both of them, and the rest is history! Here's their story, as told by their forever family.

"My husband and I were “adopted” by a neighborhood cat that came to our front door in the early winter of 2015. We realized that he wasn’t owned by anyone in the neighborhood and bought him a heated house and started caring for him. Mr. Kitty passed away the following year with FeLV just months after allowing us to pet him. I am allergic to animals (especially cats) and was looking to donate Mr. Kitty’s items to an organization that helps feral cats and someone told me about Forgotten Cats. I noticed that they had “barn cats” (cats available for adoption for safe locations that live mostly outside and who aren’t your typical domesticated “friendly” pet) up for adoption so I started looking at photos online and saw (and fell in love with) Hunk.


Hunk had met Firecracker at the shelter and they were a bonded couple so we got them both! We put them in the garage room so they would know “home” and looked into getting a door installed to allow them in and out of the room but after a few weeks we decided that they were going to be indoor cats living in the converted garage or “the cats’ room” we furnished for them. They were both long time tenants at the Willow Grove location (and notorious with the fabulous volunteers) so we kept their names, Hunk and Firecracker. Our track record for naming pets was pretty lame (Mr. Kitty) and after only a few hours with them realized that their names are perfect! We were up for a challenge and really love the fact that we took “unadoptable” cats and have started to work on them to be more social.

Hunk still is a bit skittish but is slowly becoming an attention seeking love bug. Firecracker no longer is the 100 percent “I will cut you” kitty and is happy being played with and petted (most of the time!) Although they only have limited space (but we have doubled their real estate recently) Hunk and Firecracker enjoy the garage room and the office. They lounge on the window sill (many times intertwined) while we work or watch TV and enjoy watching any activity out the large window. We are so thankful that I was told about Forgotten Cats and that we have given 2 cats a safe place indoors to call home. Feel free to follow their progress on Facebook under Hunk Firecracker!"

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