Toby is a sweet FIV+ senior boy who had been bounced around at a few different homes, ending up back with his Forgotten Cats foster parent before finally finding his forever home. We are pleased to share this update from his (finally) forever family!

"Just wanted to check in and let you know how Toby is doing. Wow, I guess we have had him about two months now and he is doing great! He was fast friends with the resident cats and has even learned how to like the dogs! When Toby first came home we were a bit worried about him, he needed to have the rest of his remaining teeth removed. This cat is a champ! And such a love bug 😍. Thanks very much for helping us find him and make him part of our family.

His orange BFF is named Bell and the other kitties at treat time are Stargazer (gray) and Athena. You can see just the legs of our bully Dova who is happy to pretend he's a kitty if there are treats involved.

We are so happy to have Tobes. He just seemed to fit right in!"

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