Logan was adopted from the July Kitten-Palooza adoption event at Jenkintown PetSmart. His adopter had fallen in love with him two days prior. Here's an update from her:

"When I first brought Logan home, people kept asking me if I was going to keep the name or if he was named after the X-men character. I decided to keep it because it fits him to a T. Everything about Logan is big and bold: his looks, his body, his confidence, and even his voice (we soon found out just how much he likes to talk to us). It took him almost no time at all to get accustomed to his new home. I joked that he was almost too well behaved.

I knew it was going to be a struggle getting him to shed a few pounds. However, we've established a strict feeding routine with his new vet and have incorporated two of his favorite toys into daily exercise: squishy bouncy balls and a laser pointer. He brings so much character and joy into the household. I can't believe I've gotten so lucky with such a good and sweet boy. I love him with all my heart."

We're so happy for you, Logan!

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