Big Boy

Big Boy was adopted from Brandywine PetSmart just a few weeks ago. We're happy to report that he's doing great!

"We decided to rename Big Boy to "Bo". We think it fits him nicely and still maintains part of his old name for him to recognize. He opened up immediately to us and our apartment, which surprised me personally as I have never seen or owned a cat so adaptable to change before. He is very sweet and affectionate, which drew us to him in the first place. He is constantly rubbing up against us to remind us he is there and ready to be pet.

Because of his tough time getting adopted, we are doing our best to spoil him. He has four big window sills he loves to sit and sleep at, and we are buying him countless toys to play with (even though he likes to remain simple and play with clothespins instead). He also already has a cat tree, a scratching post, a water fountain bowl, top-notch quality food, and soon a programmable feeder. He is a simple cat that we struggle to spoil because he is fine with the simple stuff (a good problem to have!)."

Congratulations, Bo! Enjoy your forever home!

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