Many of you will remember Henry, the super affectionate FIV+ kitty we featured a few months ago. He had been found during our Sussex County TNR efforts and turned out to be so sweet, we just knew he would find a home. After a few months with Forgotten Cats, and just a few weeks after we featured him on the page, Henry went to his forever home. 

His new family is really special. The couple has eight other cats. Three are special needs, two are blind, and one has FIV just like Henry. One of their blind kitties is internet-famous! His name is Mr. Magoo and he has his own Facebook page Mr. Magoo Who? "The Blind Kitty Who Stole My Heart"

Henry fit into his new home right away. He became best friends with Finneus, who is also FIV-positive. They love playing, chasing, and grooming each other. Henry's new mom says they are brothers from another mother.

Henry's mom shares, "Henry is an amazing soul full of life and love and FIV has no bearing on his ability to love and be loved. It breaks my heart that so many cats with FIV are passed over day in and day out because people are uneducated about FIV+ cats living with non-FIV cats. I have never had a sweeter, more affectionate cat in my entire life...Henry is so very loved and seems quite happy in his new home. We couldn't imagine life without him. I will continue to help educate people on the absolute importance of spay & neuter, the cohabitation of FIV+ and FIV- cats and adopting the senior and specially-abled. Thank you again for our Special Little Man!"

Have you adopted from Forgotten Cats? We would love to share your kitty's story as our next Happy Ending. Email us at facebook@forgottencats.net with your story and photos!

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