This is Bonnie right before she went to her new home. It's the coolest story too. Her foster caregiver Tracey shared, 

“Another Forgotten Cats volunteer, Sam, fell in love with Bonnie last year. When Bonnie became very sick, word went around that she had passed away. Sam was still feeling sad about her when someone said, "she didn't die, she's with Tracey!" So it started the process. I was struggling saying goodbye to Bonnie after all of these months in foster care but when Sam walked in, the first thing she said was "I missed you, Bonnie." It was just so sweet that I knew it was going to be fine. 

Bonnie had been diagnosed with infiltrative lung cancer along with abnormal bloodwork. She had a full body x-ray at my vet which was negative and the only thing abnormal in her blood was that her white blood cell count was a little elevated. My vet suspects it was some type of autoimmune response which somehow resolved on its own.” 

We are hopeful that Bonnie will have a wonderful life with Sam and that the love they share will keep Bonnie healthy for many years. We are so happy for them both!

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