Mr. Butters

Mr. Butters has had quite the journey. Last May, one of our volunteers was walking around looking for homeless cats to TNVR. She saw Mr. Butters sitting on a swing. He was skin & bones and riddled with fleas. His previous owner kept him outside and said he’s “worthless” and asked us not to bring him back. As our volunteer was leaving, a young boy ran out of the home and kicked Mr. Butters in the face. This is sadly a reality for many homeless cats.

In May of 2016, his life changed forever. He was brought to our clinic and provided with medical treatment. We quickly found out that he was FIV-positive and that it would be harder to find him a forever home for that reason. During his time in our shelter, he fattened up quite a bit and made some friends. In December 2016, he finally went to a foster home! His foster mama just so happens to be our Development Director, Olivia! Her hubby and Mr. Butters formed a close bond and Olivia knew she couldn’t separate the two. In May of 2017, they made it official and adopted Mr. Butters.

Butters fits in perfectly with all of the other house cats and happily greets new fosters in the home. He enjoys snuggling on the couch and in bed, breakfast & dinner time, and playing in his kitty tunnel. Butters is LOVED, HEALTHY, and SAFE.

Foster kitty Ludwig (left), former Forgotten Cat Tigger (center), Mr. Butters (right)

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