Mr. Fuzzy AKA Dr. Furlong

Mr. Fuzzy was adopted from Brandywine by a lady who works for Purina and visits various pet stores in the region. Here's an update!

"When I first brought Mr. Fuzzy home, my 1 year old cat, Cricket, was not so impressed. She pulled out all the stops - ears flat, sideways walking, hissing, tail puffed up like a raccoon. I sequestered him in the bathroom for 3 weeks and then started to let him out with supervision. After some initial chasing, they now play together, groom and cuddle each other, and I am so happy that they have each other! My boyfriend, who was hesitant about adopting him at first, is very pleased and lovingly calls him "our boy". Together we renamed him Doctor Furlong.

He is such a wonderful and entertaining little guy! He is prone to allowing his tongue to hang out of his mouth and it always makes me laugh. He lost his baby fuzz, but is now a furry monster. His tail is turning into a huge plume, and I am trying to figure out if he is a Norwegian or a Maine Coon. He is very dog-like, comes to his name. He is learning a lot of tricks, like sit and stay (not the stay so much), back up and turn in a circle. We're working on paw and down next. He is whip smart, but not so nimble, as just yesterday morning he was rolling around on my bed and fell off it twice! He looked around like "who did that?"

I love my babies so much. I feel like my family is complete! Thanks so much for rescuing Doctor Furlong so that I could have him as my furrever kitty."

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