Marshmallow was found on a lawn outside of a housing complex. She was rescued and went to a temporary foster home, then spent some time at Brandywine, but she was a bit difficult. She had a tendency to swat and we were beginning to think it would be very hard to find someone willing to adopt her. Eventually, after her second stint in a foster home, the perfect forever home was found!


Her adopter sent photos to her former foster caregiver, who then shared this update with us: “Marshmallow has indeed found her forever home. She is doing wonderful with her new sister and snuggling with her adopter every chance she gets. Saying goodbye for this little one was harder than all others combined. Who could have guessed the day Ms. Marshmallow arrived, biting and scratching, just how loving and sweet she would be? Look at her now!”


We are so thankful for Marshmallow's rescuers, fosters, and adopter for not giving up on her. Congratulations on your forever home, Marshmallow!

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