Ivy was found near an elementary school in north Philadelphia.  She would spend her days in an area full of trash and broken glass.  One of the teachers there has trapped and spayed/neutered a number of cats from that area, has found homes for some and is feeding and sheltering a small colony in that area.  Ivy used to come to the school every morning and afternoon looking for food and company. The teacher picked Ivy up from the street when the weather started to turn cold and brought her home.  She has nine cats of her own plus two rescue dogs, so she was unable to keep her permanently, but she fostered her for about a week until Forgotten Cats was able to take her in to the clinic to be spayed.  Because she was young and friendly we knew she would be adopted easily.  She was only at the clinic for a few weeks before she was taken to the Pottstown Petco and quickly found her forever home.

Ivy is definitely a feisty girl. She likes affection but what she really loves is playing with both cats and people. Things are working out great in her new home. Ivy is adored by their two daughters and is getting along well with the dogs. They say she explored the whole house after two days, is super playful, "a hoot," and they love her. We’re so happy for Ivy in her forever home, and so thankful for the teacher who rescued her off the streets!

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