Hazel is a tiny tortie from Trainer clinic. Those of you who came for our Holiday Shopping Event at Ten Thousand Villages in Wilmington might remember meeting her there. Here's an update from her new family!

“It wasn't so long ago that I adopted Hazel. We took her to the vet about a week after I got her. Turns out she needed a few teeth to be removed because her body was breaking them and reabsorbing them (very complicated name). So we quickly got her into surgery to get them out because to relieve her pain. The vet said it wasn't caused by bacteria or virus, it's just something that happens and they don’t know why. She may need to get the rest of her teeth removed in the future or maybe not. All cats are different with it. She recovered so well, and is now eating more which is great because she was only 7.8 lbs! Her favorite spot is on my pillow under the blankets as you can see!"

"She wakes me up every day at 5:40 am to cuddle! She has really made herself comfortable quickly and I'm so glad! I just thought I would update you on this special girl. I love her so much, and thank you for helping me adopt such a wonderful kitty!”


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