“I adopted Ella about three months ago. Her name was originally Tina for "tiny" as she was the smallest out of her litter. I did not think that I would want any more pets, having lost two a few months apart from each other last year, but I had an 8 year old black cat who seemed lonely and honestly, I had more love to give too. I knew Ella was the one from the first picture I saw of her and I adopted her in a few days. She is an absolute love bug and I feel like she picked me as well. She is the perfect combination of lap cat/kitten. She makes me laugh all the time and loves to be held. She is also a purring machine, just so sweet. I could not be happier that I decided to adopt. She completed my home and me :) ”


“She is doing great, she’s a little over 4 pounds now. Vet says her length is appropriate but she may always stay "petite" which I'm fine with :) Today she experienced her first snow on the front porch and just wanted to play with it and eat it. She's full of kitten life. She loves her home and she doesn't want for anything. She has all the toys, towers, treats, and a friend. She is very happy and so am I!”

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