Whisper and Willow - A Love Story

“Whisper was a young feral who turned up in my backyard last year. He was quite small and fuzzy - about 8 months old, and he was outside on his own in the middle of last winter. It didn't take a lot of coaxing to get him to come and eat outside my house. I made up a bed for him in the shed, and during the coldest, iciest days, he would go in there at night. He was bold to come into my house when I opened the door, but would never let me near him, and he never made a sound. Even when he hissed at me (which he did every time he saw me), it was silent. Eventually, a lovely lady called Linda from Forgotten Cats helped me to trap him, took him away to get him neutered and returned him to me. I kept him inside in the hope of 'domesticating' him. I was told this might be a long road that might not have a happy ending. I kept him in anyway, although I nearly reconsidered a couple of times, especially after he got sick with a urine infection. (Getting him to the vet was an absolute nightmare which I won't even go into.) Around this time, I decided to get him a little friend. I wasn't sure how this would go. Would he take to a small kitten or try to eat her?!"

"Well, we really lucked out. These two fell in love! Whisper treated Willow as if he had never seen another cat before and fell in love instantly. They have been really closely bonded ever since.”

“Fast forward to today. Whisper is still quirky, but he is sweet and friendly and noisy! He wants to be petted and cuddled all day long (when he isn't asleep) and he even lets me pick him up! I am thinking that I might actually be able to get him to the vet without too much trouble next year! And he still adores his kitten friend, Willow. Whisper is now about 18 months old and Willow is 9 months. This is a beautiful success story! And I am grateful to Forgotten Cats for helping me get started with this lovely boy.”

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