Nikki and Bella

Nikki and Bella are sisters who were originally adopted together as kittens, but unfortunately were returned to Forgotten Cats a few years later. Both are very sweet but Bella is painfully shy and we were beginning to worry that we would not be able to keep them together. These lovely ladies quickly became volunteer favorites at the Jenkintown PetSmart adoption center.

Thankfully, the perfect person came along and was able to provide both girls a loving home and we all celebrated! She shared an update with us soon after adopting them.

“I’m the proud mom of Nikki and Bella. I absolutely adore these two girls. They are sooo sweet and so funny together. They chase each other all over the house as they begin to relax a little more. Bella is stretching her wings a little more though she's still quick to run and hide most times. But she comes out of hiding rather quick as well and now, as of yesterday, stays down here in the living room with Nikki and me during the day instead of hiding upstairs under my bed all day. We are definitely making wonderful progress here! Thank you again for all of your help."

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