"I am a volunteer at the Forgotten Cats Willow Grove clinic. In August, my husband and I agreed to foster Penelope, a small, young adult cat who has luxating patellas, or basically, knee caps that slip out of place, causing pain and difficulty walking. Turns out all she needed were more time and space outside her crate, and some soft carpeting on which to stretch and exercise her legs. Now that Penelope’s legs are stronger, she jumps onto and down from the couches and bed without help or difficulty, zips up and down the stairs, and playfully chases our other cats, including Austin, our first Forgotten Cats kitty, who is twice her size. I haven’t seen her limping since her first night with us."

"We immediately fell in love with Penelope – we call her Penny – and realized we couldn’t give her up. She is now the newest member of our family and we positively adore her. We affectionately maul her multiple times daily, and give her plenty of treats. This tiny love bug follows me around the house and likes to head-butt my forehead; she holds the pose while making biscuits with her hands. We’re foster failures, but we couldn’t be happier about it."

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