Amazing Grace and Bubsy (Lenora and Edgar)

I am thrilled to say that Amazing Grace (now Lenora) and Bubsy (now Edgar) are doing fantastic! They have both adjusted well to their "bedroom", and have an abundance of toys, beds, and other playthings to keep them entertained.

They have met and completely become used to their other feline siblings. Edgar simply loves to rub up against Marco (three-legs) and Charlie (one-eyed CH cat), and both kittens get along great with my foster failure Pia. The three all run around and play together, and even eat in a row lined up too.

Lenora is definitely the more outgoing of the two. Despite her CH (cerebellar hyperplasia, a condition that causes trouble with fine motor skills and balance), she is always approaching new things and nothing holds or sets her back.

Edgar is much shyer, and he still isn't 100% comfortable with me yet, but he is coming along better than I thought he would. The first few days he would hide whenever I entered the room, but now he will walk right by me and I can pet him a few times before he runs off.

I'm so thankful that you saved these two sweet angels, and forever grateful that they are a part of my little family. They fit perfectly in with my other "misfits" and I will love them unconditionally for many, many years to come.

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