This is my cat Sammy (Black Sam Bellamy). This picture was taken last Halloween to show how lucky black cats can be.

One year after our beloved Hobie died, Sammy showed up at my back door, stretched up my leg, and said "Hi, I'm your new cat!" We are sure Hobie sent him. She knew Gandalf wanted a kitten....

Sammy came to us in August 2015. I brought him to the Trainer clinic for surgery and vaccinations.

We think he was 2-3 years old then but really a large kitten by his behavior. He has not stopped eating since then and has gained more than 5 lb in a year! I'm going to have to get him a bigger pumpkin. But he's remarkably playful (much to his older sister Willow's chagrin) and loves to wrestle with Gandalf. He is also an escape artist (it took a week to find all his escape routes) and likes to experiment with gravity.

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