Nola, originally known as Snickers, was adopted from PetSmart Christiana just a few weeks ago. Nola's story started out sad but has a happy ending. 

“My husband and I are so captivated by our new little girl it is hard to imagine that she ever knew anything but love. It seems Nola was left in an apartment with her five babies after her owners had been evicted. I don't know if anyone knows how long they were left there before being found. They were taken to Forgotten Cats and went to a foster home. The kittens were adopted quickly but not Nola. She is a dark beauty, a tortoiseshell longhair. She was a little afraid when we brought her home last week and spent that evening and most of the next day under our bed. We let her take her time and get adjusted to us slowly. Now she is the most loving kitty we've ever known. Her favorite place, other than the kitchen, is our screened-in back porch. We had another cat for seventeen years; a large male Maine Coon who believed he was a lap puppy. For a couple of years we didn't know if we could ever adopt another cat. We still miss him but Nola won our hearts immediately. Thank you for all you do for the Forgotten Cats out there.”

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