Harriet (formerly Mama Cat)

Happy Endings! Mama Cat was adopted from Brandywine PetSmart in July. Here’s an update from her new family!

“She is doing really well. She did 10 days of Clavamox and we got her to the Vet Specialty Center for her eye. You might recall (or not, I know you see a lot of cats!) she had a lot of haze in one eye. She has feline herpes which affects her vision in her right eye. She is on medication now and she is doing really great. We retested her for FIV/Feline Leukemia and she was negative and we also did a ringworm test on some patchy areas - she was also negative (yay!)

She has been a real joy. Sadly, we lost our other cat (we had 3) that we had for over 12 years this past weekend - he was chronically sick but his loss was sudden.

Our cats are our family and we are very happy to have Mama Cat (we renamed her Harriet) in our home. Here is a picture of her meeting her new brother for the first time. Thanks for all you do for animals.”

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