Ninja and Buttons

Ninja and Buttons were adopted from Christiana PetSmart a few weeks ago. Their new humans love them. The cats even helped with a marriage proposal! Here’s an update from their new dad.


“Both Ninja and Buttons were a little standoffish at first, as I expected them to be. But four or five hours later, after all the excitement died down, Buttons was all-in with the love and affection. It only took a little warming up for her to start demanding attention. She is quite the little chatterbox when she wants to be picked up and hugged, haha. My (now) fiancée and I have noticed that she tends to follow me around from room to room. If I go somewhere, I can expect to see Buttons behind me moments later. And she is not shy to let it be known that she wants to be pet and cuddled. At first we thought she was maybe trying to get our attention for something else, but every time without fail, we'd pick her up and she would go quiet. So she's definitely turning a little bit into a daddy's girl, but I can't complain. Ninja was a little more apprehensive, but just shortly after Buttons warmed up to us, he followed suit. He doesn't make too much noise, rather than asking to be picked up, he just jumps up onto our laps. He'll also follow us around the apartment, but he's a lot cooler about it. It's almost like he's saying "Oh, you guys are over here? That's cool. I guess maybe I'll check out what's going on over here, whatever." They definitely have two distinct temperaments.


They both love to play and sleep together (not surprising). As you can see in the pictures, they'll lay on each other, with each other. They love lying in their carrier, and when it's time for the humans to go to bed, they will both hop up onto the bed with us and sleep together at our legs. And of course, they love their cat naps. They're fascinated with looking out the window and lying in the breeze that comes through.


As far as the proposal went, it went off without a hitch. She would've been surprised to see one cat... When she saw both cats, she was pretty much speechless. Trying not to freak out, she calmly walked over and they made their introductions. She was petting them and holding them, and I gestured and mentioned that Ninja had a note attached to his collar. She sets him down and takes off the note and reads it, looks up, and that's all she wrote. She was happy to say yes, and now we just need to plan it out.


I know I only intended to get just Buttons, but as cliché as it might sound, I am so happy I wound up getting Ninja as well, and I can't imagine not having them both. We love them both so much, and we could not be happier with the way things have gone with it all. Thank you very much for everything.”

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