StevieStevieStevie had a hard start in life.  She has one eye that was damaged as a tiny kitten and has a bum leg. The people fostering her thought she'd never find a home and had decided they would keep her. But then the very next morning, a call came in that someone had fallen in love with her picture and story. 

She was adopted by a family whose resident cat Orko was a handful. They suspected that he needed a companion to help alleviate some of his dependency issues and the resulting bad behavior. StevieStevieStevie's coloring was so similar they already looked like siblings.  

We received these messages from StevieStevieStevie's new family:

“She took to my wife immediately, as the attached photo suggests. Hopped right in her lap and is purring up a storm. She is exploring the house and eating a bit so I think we are off to a good start. Even Orko has relaxed a bit. He wouldn't be in the same room with her at first, but now he just keeps his distance.”

Then a few days later:
“Attached is a pic of the two of them playing. She and Orko get along perfectly and Orko has been a far better behaved cat since Stevie arrived. We are very happy to have her with us. She is a delight.”

And finally: “At the vet now. She is very cuddly when she is scared. She also just meowed for the first time since we got her. I think she only meowed because Orko was crying and she was sympathetic. She got scared and as soon as they were both out of their carriers she ran to him to snuggle.”

Sounds like everything has worked out! Although StevieStevieStevie’s foster family was sad to let this special girl go, they are so happy that she is happy and well-loved. 

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